About Us

Does a grain-fed piece of Australian Wagyu eye fillet beef taste the same as some braised chuck-eye? Of course not!

We are passionate about BBQ so we know that just like the food you buy, the quality of the equipment also plays a big part.

When we are not in the stores, we are often entertaining our friends and family at home. And that happens over a satisfying meal.

We have both been in the retail industry for over 25 years, so we figured a few years ago it was time we combined our two passions. Yes, there were already places you could buy gear. But to us, they all had a warehouse feel. We didn’t want to just be a shop where you come in, grab a box off the shelf from a brand with no reputation, go home and hope for the best.

We dreamt of a place where we would want to shop as a family. Where we stock the brands and products we would buy ourselves. And where we are placed to set people up with the outdoor area they dream of.

If we wouldn’t have it at our home – we won’t sell it to you.

That’s our promise.

Ben & Lee