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Big Green Egg Perth

The Big Green Egg is a barbeque, a smoker, a traditional oven and a pizza oven fuelled by pure, 100% natural lump charcoal. With its easy-to-use design, high-spec ceramics and four different cooking modes, the Big Green Egg has been revolutionising the BBQ market since 1974. From pizza to paella, or steak to seafood, the EGG enables you to grill, roast, bake and smoke like a professional, all year round and in every type of weather. Combining proprietary processes and patented technology, the Big Green Egg is stronger, more durable and better insulated than any other outdoor cooker in the market. That’s why Big Green Egg is the leader in outdoor cookers and is used by hundreds of award winning chefs all over the globe.

2XL Big Green Egg

The 2XL Big Green Egg is the biggest egg of them all, boasting a massive cooking area of 4,336 sq cm. If you’re the one that’s often entertaining large groups of guests in your Perth outdoor kitchen, then the 2XL Big Green Egg is the perfect choice. Cook up a combination of ribs, burgers and steaks, or try your hand at roasting a suckling pig for your guests. The 2XL offers endless possibilities.


Grid Diameter: 74cm
Cooking Area: 4,336 sq cm
Weight: 170kg

Price: $4,999.00

XLarge Big Green Egg

Feed your whole family and friends with the XLarge Big Green Egg. Boasting a 2,919 sq cm cooking area, you’ll have the space to cook a combination of meats and vegetables all at once. Prepare the coals early and prep your meat for an easy cooking experience you can leave to cook while enjoying the company of your guests. Don’t forget to match your XLarge egg with all the latest eggsessories.


Grid Diameter: 61cm
Cooking Area: 2,919 sq cm
Weight: 99kg

Price: $2,199.00

Large Big Green Egg

Popular for medium to large sized families and small group gatherings, the Large Big Green Egg is a welcome addition to any Perth home. Fill up the egg with coals and invite your close friends for a pizza party, or indulge with some delicious fresh steaks - this egg is large enough to accommodate up to eight steaks at once! You’ll be impressed with the delicious meals the Large egg can provide.


Grid Diameter: 46cm
Cooking Area: 1,688 sq cm
Weight: 73kg

Price: $1,599.00

Medium Big Green Egg

With a cooking area of 1,140 sq cm, the Medium Big Green Egg is perfect for small families and couples. Get it prepped early and cook up a delicious feast the family will enjoy, with room for up to four steaks and 2 whole chickens. Add some of the most popular eggsessories to turn your Medium Big Green Egg into the perfect pizza oven or baking station.


Grid Diameter: 38cm
Cooking Area: 1,140 sq cm
Weight: 52kg

Price: $1,199.00

MiniMax Big Green Egg


It’s often said that all good things come in small packages - and there’s no exception for the MiniMax Big Green Egg. The MiniMax egg was designed to be your perfect travel companion, great for camping, travelling Australia or set it up next to your pool on the hot Perth summer days. You’ll be pleasantly surprised of the delicious flavour this small package will provide.


Grid Diameter: 33cm
Cooking Area: 856 sq cm
Weight: 35kg

Price: $999.00

Big Green Egg Eggsessories

Become a Big Green Egg professional with The Outdoor Chef’s range of Big Green Egg accessories (aka. ‘eggsessories’). There are eggsessories for every situation, whether you’re looking to turn your BGE into a pizza oven, or the ultimate baking station.
Common Accessories include:

  • Conveggtors & baking stones

  • Temperature control accessories

  • Ultimate grilling tools

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