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Here in Perth, we are lucky to have beautiful weather throughout much of the year, making it easy to enjoy delicious meals outside with your family and friends. To do so, it helps to have an outdoor kitchen. Here at The Outdoor Chef, we have everything you need to create an incredible outdoor kitchen that you'll love using.

No matter what size or preferences you have, we can build you a quality Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen to suit your needs, design and budget. Starting with affordable modular built kitchens right through to fully customised. The Outdoor Chef only use the highest quality products that are made to withstand the harsh Perth environment, with your choice of granite or marble tops and glass and aluminium doors and drawers.

Get creative and choose your ideal outdoor BBQ, bar fridges, range hood, sink, taps and side burners. We have a selection of colours to choose from and we can even install a toughened glass splashback to finish it all off. Bring in your plans to discuss your options today for an obligation free quote. Alternatively, fill out our enquiry form and we’ll get in touch to book an appointment.

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View Our Range of Completed Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens

The Outdoor Chef pride our team on providing a holistic modular outdoor kitchen service – ensuring you have everything you could ever require from your outdoor entertaining area. We’ve compiled a portfolio of completed outdoor kitchens in Perth to give you inspiration. No matter the size of your outdoor area, The Outdoor Chef can design the perfect outdoor kitchen to suit!

outdoor bbq the outdoor chef

Outdoor BBQs

The staple (and usually the centre-point) of any outdoor alfresco kitchen is the outdoor BBQ. Depending on the size of your family and the number of guests you’re looking to entertain, your needs from an outdoor barbecue could change substantially. Outdoor BBQ’s usually come in two main types: Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas. The layout and design of your alfresco kitchen could change based on your choice – so do some research to see which would work best for you.

The Outdoor Chef are the specialists when it comes to selecting the right Outdoor BBQ for your home. As Weber Specialist Dealers, The Outdoor Chef stock the entire range of Weber products in their Joondalup and Osborne Park stores. However, it’s not just Weber. Visit us instore to see our range of Beefeater BBQ’s and accessories.

outdoor kitchen rangehood the outdoor chef

Outdoor Kitchen Rangehood

If your outdoor kitchen will be sheltered, you'll need a rangehood over your cooktop to pull away all of the smoke and other cooking fumes. The last thing you want is to be coughing on smoke while you're trying to get that meat just right. This could cause discomfort for guests too – the last thing you’d want when cooking to impress.

The Outdoor Chef stock a range of Falmex and Excelsior rangehoods in Perth. With a wide variety of options and designs available, our experienced team will assist you in finding the perfect rangehood for your alfresco kitchen.

charcoal kettle bbq the outdoor chef

Charcoal Kettle BBQ

If you want to unlock the full cooking potential of your outdoor alfresco kitchen, then it’s time to look into purchasing a charcoal grill. Cooking over charcoal enables you to impart a delicious, smoky flavour to your meats and other dishes. Charcoal isn't as easy to control in terms of heat level as gas is, so this cooking method requires a bit more skill and experience. With your own outdoor BBQ kitchen, though, you'll be a pro in no time!

Visit The Outdoor Chef instore to find the perfect charcoal kettle and/or smoker for your home. Our experienced team will ask you a few questions and point you in the right direction to the ideal charcoal cooking appliance.

alfresco kitchen bar fridge the outdoor chef

Alfresco Kitchen Bar Fridge

Of course, you and your guests will want to enjoy beverages with your meal, and you don't want to have to keep going back inside the house every time someone needs a refill. With an outdoor fridge, you'll have easy access to beer, wine, coke, and more. The best part – the alfresco bar fridge fits right beside your kitchen cabinets. This gives a clean finish and stylish design to your outdoor entertaining area.

The Outdoor Chef offers a variety of brands in sizes from 113L, all the way up to 310L. Through discussion, our experienced instore team will access your requirements and recommend the perfect bar fridge to compliment your outdoor kitchen.

alfresco kitchen cabinets the outdoor chef

Alfresco Kitchen Cabinets

Just like beverages, you don't want to go inside every time you need dishes, cooking utensils or ingredients. Stash everything you need in outdoor kitchen cabinets so that you can keep your work surface neat and tidy while still having easy access to all your necessities.

As all cabinets come in modular form, the possibility in design and shape for your outdoor kitchen is practically endless. The range of colours, materials and features can often get a bit confusing – so visit The Outdoor Chef instore to discuss with an outdoor kitchen professional. Our team will learn your tastes and recommend the perfect alfresco kitchen cabinets to compliment your home.

Don’t forget to install a stylish splashback for behind the BBQ, sink and serving area.

outdoor kitchen blinds shade the outdoor chef

Outdoor Kitchen Blinds & Shade

Depending on the layout of your outdoor area, you may get a lot of sunshine in the evenings, and this can make it difficult to see what you are doing without squinting against the glare. Outdoor kitchen blinds shield you from the sun, and you can open or retract them when not in use. This will make your outdoor kitchen more comfortable for both you and your guests.

If you’re designing an outdoor area to include seating without cover, it’s recommended you invest in a high-quality umbrella to provide shade. Umbrellas are a great addition to your outdoor area and can be easily stored when not in use.

firepits outdoor heating the outdoor chef

Outdoor Heating

You can still make use of your outdoor kitchen in the winter if you are prepared for colder weather. Place heating appliances around the borders of your outdoor kitchen to keep the interior warm or add a fire pit to your seating area to keep guests cosy while you cook.

The Outdoor Chef has a range of heating options available for your outdoor area – available at our stores in Joondalup and Osborne Park. Drop in and speak to our specialist team today.

outdoor finishings the outdoor chef

Outdoor Furnishings

To complete your outdoor kitchen, you'll need a table and chairs or benches where your guests can enjoy their meals. For a more casual vibe, try some outdoor couches or lounge chairs. Be sure to choose furniture that is designed for the outdoors, as indoor varieties likely won't be able to stand up to the elements, causing them to fade or otherwise deteriorate over time.

Once you’ve got the layout sorted it’s time to improve the look and style of your outdoor area with The Outdoor Chef’s range of alfresco homewares.

Start Designing Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

When you are ready to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, get in touch with the experts at The Outdoor Chef on (08) 9217 7403. With experienced teams located in Joondalup and Osborne Park, we’re your local outdoor kitchen professionals in Perth. The Outdoor Chef is Perth’s Specialist Weber Dealers, giving us access to some of the highest-quality grills and outdoor cooking equipment on offer. We'll work closely with you to create a custom outdoor kitchen that will impress your friends and family.

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