Noosa Curved Freestanding Shower

$2420 - $3575     Prices vary dependant on tap options

The Noosa 316 Grade Stainless Steel freestanding shower is a timeless design to reflect the beauty of your outdoor living space. The ‘original’ Rainware shower stands the test of time as it harmonises with the contours of tropical pool styles or the clean architectural lines can add curves and style to your contemporary outdoor area. The round base of the Noosa enables the shower to be angled to suit the location and enhance surroundings. Luxuriously simple, practical and durable the Noosa inspires your resort style living.


$957 - $1496      Prices vary dependant on tap options

Truly elegant, the Marengo 316 Grade Stainless Steel offers a contemporary wall mounted design which complements the natural beauty of the outdoors. The 250mm rose offers the largest spray pattern of all our showers, delivering a generous cascade of water whilst still maintaining water saving efficiencies. This stylish outdoor rose is made from stainless steel and highly durable UV stabilised acetal, both of which, are made to last. The black acetal is featured throughout the range and complements the stainless steel satin finish of the taps and rose. Turn on the tap and be prepared to enjoy your own personal waterfall. Enjoy the Marengo, where showering is taken to a whole new level.

Aussie Premium                                            Available in wall mount and Freestanding    

$1210 - $2090                                               Prices vary dependant on tap options

The Aussie shower range has the same features as our Suncoast range, with the exception of a powder coated marine grade aluminium construction, for those looking for a more economical option for their outdoor space. Whether it’s the wall mounted or free standing option, the shower takes up very little space so you can easily shower off after a swim at the beach, in the pool, or mowing the lawn. The Aussie offers practical simplicity and Resort Style living that is good for the environment and doesn’t cost the earth.

Bribie Wall Shower                                                 Prices vary dependant on tap options

$715 - $1089

The 316 Grade Stainless Steel Bribie enables you to upgrade your standard garden tap to something more special and useful. This ‘retro fit solution’ is a great way to install an outdoor shower as you can replace an existing garden tap (instead of fitting a new one) with a Bribie. The angle of the shower head is easily adjusted due to the metal ball joint design. The tubing is fully adjustable so your shower can be at your perfect height and taps can be the exact width for your needs. 

Suncoast Freestanding Shower                    Available in wall mount and Freestanding

$2420 - $3575                                                Prices vary dependant on tap options

The Suncoast 316 Grade Stainless Steeel comprises minimalistic elegance and sleek contemporary design. The Suncoast complements contemporary pool styles and outdoor living areas. Wall mounted or Freestanding, combine your choice of cold, hot and cold, foot wash or hand held, to get your perfect shower. With its slender design this outdoor shower can fit into small areas making use of compact spaces. Enjoy resort style living wherever it’s put.